Legion Duo

Legion Duo

Stable 1

For all decks labeled as:
stable - working as intended.
test - still under tuning and some things may or may not work as intended.

Grade 3 *8:
Duo, Fall in Heart Victoria *4
Duo True Sister, Meer *2
Duo Temptation, Reit *2

Grade 2 *12:
Duo, Fall in Heart Quincy *4
Duo Mini Heart, Rhone *4
Duo Kelpie Jockey, Syr Darya *3

Grade 1 *13:
PR♥ISM-Duo, Aria *4 (PG)
Duo Beast Ear, Loulou *4
Duo Afternoon Tea, Parana *3
Duo Pretty Horn, Ural *2

Grade 0 *1:
Duo Lovers' Singer, Darling *1

Triggers *16: (8 Crit/4 Draw/4 Heal)
Duo Tropical Healer, Mejelda (Heal) *4
Duo Lamplight Melody, Tigris (Draw) *2
Duo Morning Charm, Liffey (Draw) *2
Duo Gran Pasturn, Syanon (Critical) *4
Duo Pride Crown, Madeira (Critical) *4

Duo Lovers' Singer, Darling *1

   I guess this is kind of a random post lol. But I like the deck, and I think it works fairly well (not perfect, but pretty well), so I'm just posting it because I'm stuck on the witches and can't find anything to go further with them right now for the lols. Why did I build the deck? Because I like the PG too much that I had to build it Duos have fun, interesting, and engaging mechanics that also revolves a lot of combo and rewards good play pretty well. Anyways, let's get to the deck.

   So, as the title suggests, this is a Legion focused Duo deck. Since Duo (and Bermuda as a whole) only received 1 Legion boss, this deck('s G3s) is still half stuck in the LB4 era. However, Victoria is a fairly good Legion. She may not be the best, but she is good enough to carry her own weight. She swings for very high numbers for free (something that's fairly valuable for Bermudas), and her 'cloning' capabilities gives her huge combo and toolbox potential, as well as incredible ability to adapt to the situation. Basically, as long as you can perform Legion, you can duplicate anything you have at your disposal based off the situation. Missing an attacker? Clone one. Have Rhone and want to apply more on-hit pressure as well as clone more? Clone one. Want to prep 2 PGs? Clone one. Want to push for big numbers with Loulou? Clone one. Need more 10k shields? Clone one. Hack, if you are bored, even if you just want to Legion for the sake of Legion or shuffle back a bunch of triggers, you can even clone herself (if you have a 2nd copy).

   What makes her cloning ability even better is the fact that she does it on Legion, so you can shuffle back the thing you want to clone, essentially kinda looping yourself over and over again especially if you use soul blasting units like Pretty Horn. For example, say you have 2 Darlings. You guard with one. Now you can call the other Darling, perform Legion, shuffle back and search for the Darling you just shuffled back. This is also why I run 2 Darlings (one as FVG, one as tech); she makes this deck very tanky as it's very easy to always maintain having 10k shields in hand. Just that 1 extra copy of Darling gives this deck so much more utility and flexibility as well as tankyness, she's well worth the spot (and I would even argue that this 1 card spot is the most cost efficient spot spent for the deck). Darling also still has that great FVG utility (bounce back Loulous to re-call for 3 21k+ columns), and is completely reusable, and completely searchable, allowing you juggle the 2 copies of her in your deck and guard or use the ability as you please. She also makes an awesome early game Rhone target.

   Victoria guaranteeing a bounce also allows you to go more aggressive early game and call down units you normally wouldn't, as you won't be committing to that field. Call down a PG to boost? That's fine, as you can bounce it back and clone one later. Call a Loulou as a temporary 9k attacker? That's fine as well, as you can bounce it back and clone one later, and enjoy Loulou's powerful skill the more you have her.

   Rhone is also a very important unit in this deck. She amplifies the amount of cloning the deck does and provides precious on-hit pressure, and can snowball your advantage if she lands a hit.

   Loulou is the powerhouse of the deck for RGs. She can be used as a temporary 9k attacker. Behind Syr Darya, she creates 21k columns. When you call 2 Loulous, she creats 21k columns behind any 10k+ attackers, like any of the G3s or Parana. So say you have 12k attacker, Victoria, and a 11k attacker in your front row. Call down 2 Loulous in the order of behind 11k attacker first, and then behind the 12k attacker, you just formed yourself a 21/28/22 field. The deck's extremely high cloning proficiency also makes Loulou very easy to use as well as very easy to setup.

   Ural is also very good, especially for a Legion based deck due to her soul blasting cost. She allows for easier way to get 4 cards in drop zone, and she cleans out your soul for more Legion looping with her cost, all while also providing a +1 on the spot. I didn't run Peace because I still find Peace's 6k to hurt too much in general, and she doesn't synergize well with Rhone. When you still want and need advantage, you won't have enough CBs to bounce her and draw (typically on your 2nd turn). And she forming 15k column with Rhone definitely doesn't help at all. Ural shall take the job of direct drawing, and she gets the draw right away rather than relying on something else to do it for her.

   I also didn't use Chicora because she is just too hard to use and too inconsistent. Parana on the other hand is surprisingly good in this deck, and very very good at that. A cloned Parana serves both as an attacker and a booster, and she provides early game attacking.

   Meer is a good ride to settle on if you miss Victoria early on. She's just an awesome break ride overall and her full field bounce is also pretty awesome. Reit, while a re-stander, is more often used for her 2nd ability of bouncing units back to hand.

   Oh and lastly, I'm only running 4 draws because I love those 4 different art. If I actually want to go serious and wreck faces for this deck, I'd run 12 crits lol. So feel free to change the draws to crits as this deck has immense synergy with crits. High power, strong pressure and momentum all make this deck work exceptionally well with crits.

   Overall, this is a very aggressive deck, and can snowball in advantage. This deck swings for high numbers fairly easily and consistently, and can very easily throw out 3 attacks per turn since early turns, all while still having Bermuda's trait of not needing to commit to a bad field due to bouncing, as well as a decent advantage engine and search engine to make it a bulky and tanky deck as well as remain fluid and adapt to the situation. It also has many combos to punishes misplay greatly as well as reward good planning, prediction, and good plays greatly, giving it a decently high skill cap and making it very fun to play.

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