New Luquier?

It's been 3000 years...
welp, i am hype.

...oh and I am so hype I almost forgot the translation:

   Basically, she's a peek-a-boo that can become hard +1s with Mystique Luquier with an ability that is what Magia should have been in the first place. Using her 1st ability also keeps you at cross riding status on your opponent's turn, and can makes her a solo 17k rear before boosting in conjunction with her 2nd skill if you happened to have strode over another copy of her.

   She also makes ALL of your Silver Thorn units a Jumping Glenn when you stride a Silver Thorn stride, which implies that a Clemens loop now threats to be a infinite 24k loop if you don't guard instead of 18k, and a Maricica/Ana called Zelma lane will be at least 22k by default if they ever hit. Did I mention this skill also works with Dixie for more relevance?

   Anyways, time to test. And I am hype. Nice to meet you. Are you hype?