Black Witches Prototype 2

Black Witches Prototype 2

Test Build 2

mai waifu
SP Fianna and Femme

(White Witches would be Genesis Witches)
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For all decks labeled as:
stable - working as intended.
test - still under tuning and some things may or may not work as intended.

Witch of Banquets, Lir *1

 Trigger: (6 stand/6 crit/4 heal)
 Black Cat Witch, Milkre (Heal) *4
Black Crow Witch, Eine (Critical) *4
Witch of Goats, Medb (Stand) *4
Revenger, Air Raid Dragon (Critical) *2
Revenger, Waking Angel (Stand) *2

 Grade 1: (*14)
Barrier Witch, Grainne (QW) *2
Revenger of Darkness, Mac Lir (PG) *2
Ruin Witch, Scathach *2
Witch of Precious Stones, Dana *3
Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod *3
Witch of Pursuit, Sekuana *2

 Grade 2: (*11)
Comet Witch, Serva *2 (will probably be replacing with Witch of Attraction, Adora once she's out)
Inspection Witch, Deirdre *4
Witch of Reality, Femme *4
Skull Witch, Nemain *1

 Grade 3: (*8)
Cultus Witch, Rias *4
Witch of Enchantment, Fianna *4

This is me when my SP Fianna arrived to pair with my SP Femme
   Black Witches prototype version 2. So it's been running smoother for me, and I'm sure it's due to me getting and seeking SP Fianna as mate for my SP Femme, because ever since I got my SP legion pair it's been running smoother, probably because I've gotten a bit more used to the cards and the deck's gimmicks as a whole.

   I'm starting to believe this deck to be one of  those more complex decks where the proportions are balanced on the edge of a knife for it to work rather than just going 4x of whatever you think is important and going for "max consistency", because most things are situational enough that you don't really need nor want to go for that highest consistency. For example, while sticking G0s all over your opponent's face is the whole point of the deck and the base conditions for this deck's gimmick, Dana and Deirdre do not always have the option to sheep your opponent based off their plays. However, even if you run a bit less Dana and Deirdre, your opponent will still play carefully and be expecting them, so the hidden advantage of discouraging your opponent to guard with G0s still applies even if you run less Dana and Deidre.

   I'm actually not a big fan of running everything at 2-of/3-of (actually I like 3-of, but not too much for 2-of), but everything other than Fianna and Famme are situational at best and heavily dependent on what's going on. 4 Arianrhod? Er, you don't really need that many. 4 Sekuana? Hell no, as she has a pretty hefty condition to meet to even work. 4 Dana? Maybe, still a situational card though. 4 Scathach? I wish I have the space. More than 1~2 Nemain? Yeah try riding or drawing into multiple copies of her and you'd know why I only run 1. But these are reasons why you're not really seeing things at 4 copies; there are almost no card that's completely independent off your opponent besides the 7+3, 9+3, and 10k vanilla. Even Fianna is still dependent off your opponent to some extent.

   I ended up throwing Sekuana back in because I don't always get Rias or have the luxury to wait another turn to ride into her, and being able to pressure for a turn even if it's a little early ain't bad; the sooner they hit their 4th damage, the sooner they are forced to guard your VG attacks (and guarding Legion attacks is fairly expansive). Fianna also completely lacks fire power, to the point where I noticed this is one of her major weaknesses, so that's what Sekuana is for. I mean, she lacks firepower so much that she almost swings like the old school non-legion VGs. Sekuana also is another RG eater that works nicely with the triggers Lir calls out. Another thing that makes her nice is that on the turn she uses her effect, she swings like a 11k attacker if you happen to be missing one, and she synergizes well with stands for obvious reasons.

   I also tested Adora. She's not bad, but still not the magic pill that'd suddenly make black witches top tier. Adora is decent because she is a 9k attacker, meaning when boosted by a 7k booster, she requires a 10k shield to guard if you plan to guard her attack with 1 card. This means in order to guard Adora effectively, you need to guard with G0 cards, opening your opponent up for Dana and Deirdre to mess with their columns, set up your gimmicks, and generating the cost for you to perform Legion. However, if they don't guard her, they take 1 damage and you get to do what Rias does for half the cost, with the side effect of thinning their decks of triggers. So what Adora does is essentially create a lose-lose situation for your opponent. Also similar to any on-hit units, a checked stand trigger for this kind of unit can often mess up their plans, even though she's only 9k. I'd say she's a very valuable asset for the deck, just unfortunately still not strong enough to carry the deck to a top tier position because she still doesn't change the fact that this deck's performance is still heavily influenced and dependent by your opponent's deck, skill, hand, and maneuvers. She does make it better though, and I look forward for her official release (which I think was just released recently, with her being the 2nd most expansive PR card from Cardfight Pack Vol.14).

   Witches are definitely fun though. And moe. And remember, don't be afraid to leave comments or disagree with me. Never take anyone's words for granted or without question, and a pinch of salt to go with it often makes it both more tasty and healthy.

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