I think that's it for Silver Thorns

I think that's it for Silver Thorns

   As the title suggests, I had a hard time coming up with what else to write about for Silver Thorn. There's really only so much you can write about a deck when there's only so much support that goes with it. Technically there's still Irina, Upright Lion, Rising/Breathing Dragon, and maybe Trapezist and See-saw Game Winner, but I feel those cards are fairly self explanatory and doesn't have much content for me to write. I mean, if you have been looking at my articles, I've already mentioned those cards all over the places as well (such as Rising Dragon + Ana, or Upright Lion being the deck's core finisher). So unless someone specifically asks me specific questions about those cards, I probably won't be writing about them beyond what's written below here: 


   I mean, for Irina, she's an additional soul charge every time you call her out with the Beast Tamers, and can be reused by Zelma for more soul charging should you feel the need to. And due to her nature of stuffing stuff at the bottom of the deck, it's usually better to use her first, and then use Emil to get the deck being shuffled. And that's really about it.

Upright Lion

   For Upright Lion, the goal is really just to call at least 2 other units from the soul when he's around to give him a +6k, allowing you to form a 9+6+7 = 22k+ column. How this is done by Venus is obvious, and this could be done by Reverse as well (lock VG booster when you have Poison Juggler, call Zelma to one side and use Zelma to swap another unit, boosts your Lion by +6k. You'd end up with 21/16/21). And then there's the aspect that if you have a Lion boosted by a 7k booster early/mid game, if you first land a hit via Ana/Maricica and called something, you'd be pumping that Lion column as well into a 19k+ column, which spells pain for your opponent.

Breathing Dragon

   People usually see this guy as a back up attacker. While he is, that's not where his true value lies. His true value lies in being an early and mid game attacker that further adds to your already strong early game aggression even if you miss Zelma in your soul. Unlike other decks, riding Breathing Dragon first still makes use of his +3k ability, as what you'll be doing is pulling him out for an extra attack with Ana/Maricica. This guy is your 2nd best G1 ride, ranked just below Zelma. He also increases your likely hood to make 3 attacks during early and mid game.

Rising Dragon

   Just like any other 9+3 attackers. He works well throughout the entire game life, is an excellent target to be called via Ana/Maricica, is disgustingly strong when boosted by Ana, and is great in shutting down opposing 12k attackers or G2 units by forming 19k columns. There really isn't much to say about this guy besides 12k attackers are OP in general.

Purple Trapezist

   A valuable asset before Zelma became a thing. She essentially does half of what Zelma does, including swapping out useless cards, cross riding, standing full columns with Eva, and reusing Irina.

See-saw Game Winner

   A valuable asset before Silver Thorn got Emil. He enables early limit break (counters 2-crit VGs that can keep people at 3 damage when it is a meta), shuffles the deck for Ionela and Irina, recycles triggers in damage zone, and he blocks and secures heal triggers (increase your damage to more than your opponent's blocks his heal trigger, and increasing your damage to equal to your opponent's secures your own heal triggers during drive check). He's fairly good for aggressive decks due to the trigger recycling and heal trigger blocking aspect.

   So I think that's it for Silver Thorn for now guys, unless I happen to run into another good video I can make, come across something in an actual game to update current content, or if someone asks specific questions or requests something potentially lol. There's also stuff going on IRL atm that's making it tougher to write stuff, but I know I'd continue playing the game because playing card games is a habit I've had ever since the late 1990s. I might begin writing what other decks I've been playing or working on as well, although there's no guarantee they'd be of any real quality. It'd probably be more like what my thought process is in putting something together. We'll see.

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