Black Witches Prototype 1

Black Witches Prototype 1

Test Build 1

Rias and Deirdre
(White Witches would be Genesis Witches)

For all decks labeled as:
stable - working as intended.
test - still under tuning and some things may or may not work as intended.

Witch of Banquets, Lir *1

 Trigger: (6 stand/6 crit/4 heal)
 Black Cat Witch, Milkre (Heal) *4
Black Crow Witch, Eine (Critical) *4
Witch of Goats, Medb (Stand) *4
Revenger, Air Raid Dragon (Critical) *2
Revenger, Waking Angel (Stand) *2

 Grade 1: (*14)
Barrier Witch, Grainne (QW) *2
Revenger of Darkness, Mac Lir (PG) *2
Ruin Witch, Scathach *4
Witch of Precious Stones, Dana *4
Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod *2

 Grade 2: (*11)
Comet Witch, Serva *2 (will be replacing with Witch of Attraction, Adora once she's out)
Inspection Witch, Deirdre *4
Witch of Reality, Femme *4
Skull Witch, Nemain *1

 Grade 3: (*8)
Cultus Witch, Rias *4
Witch of Enchantment, Fianna *4

   First (actually, 2nd, but close enough) attempt on the black witches. As much as I like my RRR Nemain, her 3k hurts this deck way too much since this deck has to run stands for the awesome utility Medb provides, and I almost never find myself ever wanting to use Nemain's effect more than once per game even if I can. But she is still occasionally useful and looks great, so there's 1 copy for that.

   I've explained why I prefer 6 stand/6 crit over 8 crit/4 stand previously in my Silver Thorn deck profile; with 4 stands, I still need to attack with the R > V > R pattern to avoid wasting triggers, but I see them with low consistency (as much consistency as draw triggers in the standard 8/4/4 ratio), whereas with 6 stands, I can attack with the R > V > R pattern but expect to see both with equal frequency. Honestly I feel like the witches aren't the best deck to utilize stand triggers for reasons including a weaker front line, on-call skills that makes you think twice about calling it prematurely, absolutely no on-hit pressure (that'd change once Witch of Attraction, Adora is out), and how you can and will turn front row units into G0s and so there are a lot less interceptors to swing at. It kinda sucks that Medb has such a strong skill but is on a stand trigger, forcing you to run it.

   A few major issues I've noticed with the witches are:
  • Unlike traditional Shadow Paladins, they have no superior call (the FVG one doesn't count), and relies on Nemain and Fianna for direct advantages, which is really low quality, unreliable, and inconsistent.
  • Riding Rias first absolutely sucks. Her on-legion skill is pretty useless early on and even requires you to eat another witch (-1), and her Polymorph skill is extremely costly, to the point it costs as much as Fianna's but less than half as effective (you run the risk of not seeing and G0s off top 5 of deck). For the cost of CB2 even Berserk Dragon could have guaranteed something dead.
  • Performance is heavily dependent on the other deck in terms of match up. Examples includes, but are not limited to: Meets Raisers? Fianna helps them fetch for up to 2 Cat Butlers off the top of their deck, and the G1 and G2 helps them reuse Cat Butler. Meets Revengers? They can just eat the triggers to suffer like nothing and even lock you out of your skills that checks for the amount of G0s on the opponent's field. 
  • Fairly easy to play around and heavily dependent on your opponent's hand and actions. Good players can avoid guarding with G0s early game, guard with G0s mid game, and then Legion to shuffle all G0s away and then leave your Dana and Deirdre always vanilla. Smart players can and will call over the G0s you give them to lock you out of your skills that require X number of G0s on their field to even trigger, and then Legion the G0s away. 
   Still working on it, but these are the current issues that needs to be solved/worked around. Since Witch of Attraction, Adora is already revealed and known, I'll be beginning my testing by using that as well to see how much issues it solves.


Silver Thorn BT15+ Update

Silver Thorn BT15+

Early-Mid Game Focused - Stable 2

For all decks labeled as:
stable - working as intended.
test - still under tuning and some things may or may not work as intended.

For the list of Silver Thorn card effects, click here


Triggers *16: (6 Crit/6 Stand/4 Heal)

Grade 1 *14:

Grade 2 *11:

Grade 3 *8:

   This is my current build that I've been testing with, and is here for my own reference and record keeping because it works. I've gotten too sick of checking draw triggers in the early-game-focused Silver Thorn to the point that I'd rather run stands in their place to maintain the ECB balance and Zelma swappability; Silver Thorn needs to get attacks and pressure as well as damage in throughout the entire game, not gaining more cards when your early game is your strongest point of time and when Venus already can generate a huge advantage. Also running draw triggers makes a deck weaker against things like Sin Buster and CEO Yggdrasill, or any other Glory cones for that matter. The good news is Silver Thorn's natural attack pattern even in its crit variant, due to Zelma being a thing, already supports stand triggers (it's naturally the RG > VG > RG pattern).

   Skyhigh Walker is decent in that as long as your not aiming for a "free" Venus skill, he doesn't cripple your columns nearly as much; making Venus's skill equivalent to CB1 is more than enough in most cases. He is also very, very situationally useful during the late game when all 3 of your columns are consisted of something that includes Ana or Maricica and when your CBs are typically all used up; getting 1 CB open at that stage when your opponent is at 4 damage drives them nuts as letting anything through will result in an additional attack, so that letting a column through doesn't actually save them shields. But I still don't find Skyhigh Walker worth using over Silver Thorn triggers for the sake of EBC and Zelma; being swappable by Zelma is a big plus during the early and mid game when you can scale and change your field to a much more threatening one.

   I have a replay for this deck to show a glimpse of how it works. I'll upload it and put it here once I find time making it into a video.


Shadow Paladin Witch Triggers

Shadow Paladin Witch Triggers

The hype is unstoppable!

   Latest revealing of the Witches are their rainbow triggers! Usually I don't post stuff like this that's not really useful nor informative, but the Witches gets special treatment because of my hype they have big awesome witch hats!

   Three of them are vanillas, and the stand trigger is now confirmed to be a unflipper and a soul charger to make the Witch starter relevant (meaning on-hit you can essentially +1 and unflip 2 and SC2). Plus, since Rias focuses on lowering the vanguard's power, theoretically stands should work out fairly well.


Witch of Black Cat, Mirukura


Witch of Black Raven, Eine


Witch of Lizard, Aife


Witch of Goat, Maeve

(AUTO): When this unit enters , if you have a "Witch" vanguard, 
and your opponent has 2 or more Grade 0 rear guards, SC1, unflip 1 damage.

   With EB11 & EB12 being released in less than a week, that's it for now. I'm really hoping for a 7+3 generic Witch G1 attacker at this point because I still feel their G1 line up is rather lacking. It might be this card that has yet to have its effects revealed. I mean, she has a super awesome art as well, it better be useful or I'd be sad because I hate to have to leave cards with art I like a lot out of decks.


   Witch of Ruin (center) is confirmed to be the G1 7+3 attacker.

   The card on the left translates to "Witch of God(ly) Speed, Emeru", and her effect is "AUTO[VC/RC]: When this unit attacks, if your opponent has 2 or more G0 units, this unit gets +3000 power during that battle"

This should still be their theme song


Shadow Paladin Witches

Shadow Paladin Witches

   While I don't know how many people actually give a crap about what I play, well, the next deck I'll be messing around with will probably be the Witches from Shadow Paladin that'd be released in roughly 2 weeks (sorry Genesis witches, but you gals don't really interest me as much as I loved you gals). So far they've been getting pretty unique and interesting effects, and with my very-none-intensive-and-brief proxy testing with an almost-literally-have-no-thought-put-into-it deck recipe (that Grim Reaper trigger should be Maeve, just it's not in their database yet), they've been very fun and actually better than I anticipated. Like, yeah, they almost have like 8 pseudo-Corduroys (Dana & Deirdre) that not only cost SBs (which you get naturally with no effort through Legion) but also discourage the use of triggers as shields (as opposed to Seal Dragon's G2 mechanics), backed with a usable advantage engine (Nemain & Fiana) and bosses that further nerf-bat rear guards as well as vanguards. If the witch stand trigger is proven to be an on-call  soul-charger and unflipper even upon release, well then they will have that too for more skill spamming. And they have amazing art to back it up to make you feel extra good and motivated to build and use the deck.

I mean, who doesn't love witches and their hats?