Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Mystic Luquier

Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Mystic Luquier

   Whelp, it's been a looooooong time since my last update because work is demanding so there's been less time I can juggle around, and then this article got further delayed because I had to test the card due to it being yet another very open-ended card. And it's also been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since Silver Thorns got their last support. But at least Silver Thorns has always been a rogue deck for the past 2 seasons, thanks to their great G1~G2 lineup (which allows that cheesy-but-effective sit-on-G2-to-vanilla-your-opponent-strategy that started happening since S4), despite them being like 2 seasons outdated.

   So the long-waited technically Luquier Silver Thorn support that we got was Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Mystic Luquier, a Stride unit from FC2015 that gave all clans stride units like candies in a Piñata. Interestingly enough, unlike all the other Luquiers, Mystic Luquier looks very, very 'meh', and does not do any field recovery and does not give you any direct plus. All she does is field re-scaling and/or rearrangement, and the ability is an ACT and not even an AUTO, and therefore does not even enable extra attacks. She is also highly restricted in which decks can run her, requiring both a Silver Thorn deck base and using exclusively Luquier G3s.

   Unfortunately, she is not the god-send that Pale Moon support that players have been waiting for, and is not a card that will suddenly turn Silver Thorns from a rogue deck into a meta defining deck. However, she's not quite the 'meh' card she seem to be either; she's deceptively powerful, and similar to cards like Big Bang Knuckle Turbo, is designed to improve what the deck does best and fix certain issues that the deck had. It's a neat little breath of life for Silver Thorns to toy around with until Pale Moon gets their proper support.

   So, what exactly does she improve and what exactly does she fix?

Late Game

   The last time Silver Thorns received any support was during BT15 at the end of S3, and then soon after that, we got into the Legion era (S4), where the power creep between the seasons is arguably worse than what happened from S2 to S3. The power creep was large enough that while you still could technically plus beyond the standards of S4 with Venus's skill, everything else with Silver Thorn's G3s are so badly out-creeped that it basically renders Silver Thorn without a late game. And Mystic Luquier gives them that late game.

Venus Luquier gives your opponent a chance
to breath because of her LB4 and  runs
out of steam once you run out of CBs
   Mystic Luquier is Silver Thorn's current answer to post-G3 games; she fills in the gap before you get to LB4, she fills in the gap when you're at LB4 and doesn't need to use Venus's skill to refill a field, and she fills in the gap after your Venus plays if your opponent somehow is not dead yet. In other words, she is one card that fills in all the voids Silver Thorn had after Silver Thorns rides to G3.

   You no longer give your opponent one turn of breathing room just because you're not @4 damage yet. You no longer get stuck with nothing if your opponent refuses to give you your damage to do stuff. You no longer force next to nothing out of your center lane. And you no longer run out of steam after you expended all your CBs.

   Instead of sitting on a G3 that only asks for 15k shield per turn and provides no pressure other than that 1 turn of Lion play, as long as you are able to stride and have some warm bodies to swap out for cards in your soul, every turn after G3 will be a pushing turn to attempt to finish what you didn't finish in the early and mid game. And as long as you have Lions that you can pump, every push turn you get this way will be of fairly decent quality. On top of the Lion plays, Mystic Luquier also makes it easier to setup an Ana behind a Lion without consuming CBs, which ends up having similar pressure as a big RG column with an additional crit.

Early Game

   "Wait, what? What does Mystic Luquier have to do with early game? She's a stride unit and doesn't even go in the soul!"

   Whao there, don't judge a card's impact on the early game just because she can only be used late! There are cards that have an impact on the game by impacting player behavior simply by existing, such as Gatling Claw and Omega Loop Glendios. Her very existence actually has quite a bit of impact on Silver Thorn's early game in largely 2 ways.

Raise your hand if you've ever used your starter ASAP simply because your
opponent is playing  Kagero, even though you don't even know if they're running this card?

   The first type of impact is actually not something so unfamiliar to many players, and is something that players that had experience with clans such as Bermuda Triangle or Granblue are more familiar to; and that is the deck's ability to maintain a fluid field and the ability re-scale their field.

Upright Lion just got a lot more valuable
because he now defines our late game
   Mystic Luquier herself is essentially a field re-scaling machine. What this means is that a Silver Thorn player now has more freedom and less risk in dropping down boosters/PGs and/or triggers in the same column to push in more attacks in the early game without either having to commit to that field, or requiring a Venus Luquier field reset to re-scale the field.

   The other impact on our early game behavior is that now Silver Thorns actually have some means of an end game, the player is allowed to shift some power and reliance away from the early game and move it towards the mid and late game.

   While Silver Thorn's early game is still essential, what this means is a Silver Thorn player no longer have to bank completely on pulling off a good early game to win the game, but instead can spread the power out to attain a better balance and have the deck scale better into the late game rather than completely fall flat and lose steam later on. And thanks to Clifford being Pale Moon's on-hit that can still enable Zelma shenanigans, the deck's reliance on Ana also dropped a little because it became easier for your center column to apply on-hit pressure.


   All in all, while Mystic Luquier isn't enough to revive Silver Thorn back to its glorious days, it definitely is a valuable and much needed addition and breaths life into the deck. She doesn't change the core idea behind Silver Thorn decks and the deck in today's standards will still be a rogue deck, but she does improve most aspect of the deck and make it playable, and make it less risky to just throw down warm bodies to rush.

   The G1 and G2 lineup of Silver Thorn still carry the bulk of the weight of the deck in general and early game is still essential, but now we can actually prolong the attack and momentum into the late game for basically as long as we are alive and force out a considerable amount of shields with a vanguard with Stride power and large RG columns. The deck also gets to keep the rare niche of sitting on G2 to make your opponent vanilla where only less than a handful of decks can afford to do in the current meta.

   I'm really looking forward to what Bushiroad has cooking back there for season 5 Pale Moon support, seeing that so far the vast majority of season 5 clans support have been more than satisfactory in season 5.


  1. Actually i think Silver Thorn is a pretty strong deck. Mariccica and Ana can do some preasure even in grade 2, with extra attacks can make a good 2-3 damages and with stride, some times i don't need activate luquier's limit break to fill the field, just call units if Clifford hits and call useless cards from hand like draw triggers to replace with better units with Mystique Luquier, even against remove decks like Kagero or Gear Chronicle. And the filter skills make more likely to check triggers and put Perfect Guards on my hand.

    1. The issue is consistency.

      If you pull off a Ana/Maricica/Zelma early game? Great, there isn't much meaningful counter that could happen there and you can wreck some serious havoc and proceed to finish people off once you hit G3 provided that you can stride.

      If you can't pull off Ana/Maricica/Zelma combo though? You end up with an average to below average early game and almost no late game gambit. 28k Upright Lions aren't very scary when your opponent is sitting on 4 or less damage. With the lack of Stride enablers, you also can't stride consistently without minusing yourself, which is not a sustainable game plan, and much less so if your opponent is at lower damage.

      Right now Silver Thorns function similar to aggro/winnie decks in other TCGs - you still need that early burst of damage, and if you don't get that damage in, you start to fizzle once the game moves on to a later stage.

    2. I don't think consistency is the same has strong deck.
      Sometimes the consistent deck is too predictable.
      I don't have any problem against "consistent" decks, and just make the best game possible with the units i get in my hand if i don't pull off Ana or Mariccica. The deck itself is very strong. Stride enablers aren't that divine things that everyone says. I just use the extra g3 when is needed.
      Acctually i think my celestial and silver thorn decks are too way more consistent than dependent stride decks that only activate effects with generation break when you make the first stride.

    3. While consistency itself does not equate to a strong deck, consistency is essential for a deck to be strong.

      Consistency is defined as the frequency that a deck can perform what it is intended to do, and in that sense, Silver Thorn, while not terribly inconsistent as a winnie deck, is definitely not in the consistent area. If you have a deck that is 'strong' but can only be 'strong' once every 10 games, is it really a strong deck? *not saying Silver Thorns is THAT inconsistent, but the early game consistency is really nothing to brag about as of now*

      Back in S3 Silver Thorns hand an amazing early game backed by a decent late game relative to other decks at the time; you could rush people, or you can turtle late game, but that is no longer the case now. Silver Thorn's late game was basically power creeped into null, and now that Mystique Luquier is a thing, they do have some form of a late game, but still not a strong one; it's actually still a weak late game relative to the rest of the decks around.


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