Been Busy

Been Busy

My expression and (almost) reaction towards the
amount of stuff I'm dealing with IRL atm

   I've been pretty busy with stuff IRL, so wasn't able to play much and test decks as much, and hence no updates. Silver Thorn is fairly consistent, and that recipe I have now is pretty much as good as Silver Thorns will be right now until further support. 

   Witch testing has been tough because they just rely too much on your opponent and overall just sucks pretty hard due to that. Arianrhod basically feels like a trap since Witches lacks power so much that the little bit of consistency Arianrhod adds doesn't really help a whole lot; the only 2 win conditions Black Witches really have, is finishing the game with Rias or Sekuana. So I've dropped Arianrhod completely in favor for much more Sekuana for the kill potential since the deck lacks heavily in that department. I've also been suspecting that the witch starter Lir is also a trap since the deck works horribly with Stand triggers outside of the turns you reduce your opponent's power; you don't really benefit from swinging at RGs because more often than not there's nothing good to swing at. Swinging at G0s is counter-intuitive to the deck's gimmick, and killing RGs does the same since no target to transform = gimmick can't work = gg. Lir is also extremely slow, as having to wait until your VG is in Legion and having to land a hit on the VG to work gives her an extremely small window of opportunity to work and makes her ridiculously easy to take out/retire before she can be used. Overall though, adding more Sekuana helps quite a bit, and I think it's the right direction the testing is heading towards. 

   Other than that, I'm really interested and looking forward to in Ancient Dragons since they got a brutal Legion and legion mate. Along with Dinocrowd, Nightarmor, this gives them additional attacks and 21k columns similar to a Luquier Reverse onto Eva break ride turn every turn for as cheap as CB1, or even potentially free if Nightarmor lands his hit. There's also the card interactions and fiend dancing through all the eating and even calling units over other units when reviving to achieve very aggressive multiple attacks. Magmaarmor also provides as a good finisher if you can get a total of 2 copies of any combination of Dinocrowd or Nightarmor, as these can achieve as much 14k attacks as you have soul and CBs by eating each other, making this a extremely devastating finishing play for when your opponent is at 5 damage since they need to guard every single attack to stay alive. The best part? This deck will be dirt cheap, and by dirt cheap I actually do mean dirt cheap because one of the Legion bosses is of R rarity, and for that reason there's no way I'm not building this deck. I also love to explore wombo combos like those seen in Silver Thorn, and this deck definitely have that potential to provide as much combos to the level of Silver Thorns, if not more. 

   So that's all for now. I don't know when the next update will be (really depends on my real life), or what it'd be about. I do know though that I'd look into and dig into Ancient Dragons in search for wombo combos and Falcos. Or about the new Pale Moon Legion if it turns out to be a Silver Thorn (which I'm very doubtful based off the image. No sign of and loops or strands of silver thorn anywhere on her, especially her head, and she just looks like a Beast Tamer to me. Probably to extend what Bunny Queen started and reviving the old beast tamer twins). It'll be revealed on July 31, 2014 though, so we'd find out by next week.

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  1. Really enjoy what you wrote on silver thorns; ancient dragons one of my favorite brews so look forward to what you'll have to say on them


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