Black Witches Stable 1

Black Witches Stable 1

Stable Build 1

Everyone's favorite loli witch, Lir
and witch hats are still awesome

(White Witches would be Genesis Witches)
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For all decks labeled as:
stable - working as intended.
test - still under tuning and some things may or may not work as intended.

*Note: Working as intended != finished build, it just means deck functions as planned and is overall consistent

Witch of Banquets, Lir *1

 Trigger: (6 stand/6 crit/4 heal)
 Black Cat Witch, Milkre (Heal) *4
Black Crow Witch, Eine (Critical) *4
Witch of Goats, Medb (Stand) *4
Revenger, Air Raid Dragon (Critical) *2
Revenger, Waking Angel (Stand) *2

 Grade 1: (*14)
Barrier Witch, Grainne (QW) *2
Revenger of Darkness, Mac Lir (PG) *2
Ruin Witch, Scathach *2
Witch of Precious Stones, Dana *4
Witch of Pursuit, Sekuana *4

 Grade 2: (*11)
Witch of Attraction, Adora *3 (juggling between proportion of this and Skull Witch, Nemain)
Inspection Witch, Deirdre *4
Witch of Reality, Femme *4

 Grade 3: (*8)
Cultus Witch, Rias *4
Witch of Enchantment, Fianna *4

I was wrong about her :(
she's MVP.
   So this build ended up working significantly better than the previous ones; Sekuana literally makes all the difference. My initial thought was focusing on control, which proved itself to be extremely inconsistent and prone to your opponent's maneuvers. Now that I realized the control aspect is just a method for the power reduction so you can attack aggressively; the control part is a bonus, but the main focus should be on the power reduction, which is significantly more consistent and reliable (as long as you're not shooting for -25k or -30k, -5k~15k is fairly consistent)

Adora, our only pressure unit
   Adora is the G0 generator for the drop zone. When boosted by a 7k booster, she requires 10k shield to be guarded (unless against cross ride bodies, but those are rare today). So there can be 3 scenarios: 1.) your opponent guards with a single G0 and now has a G0 in their drop zone for Deirdre and Dana to use, 2.) they guard with 2 5k shields or a PG (which is not worth it btw, since even if you take the hit and then simply call over the G0 that's still only a -1 and not a -2), or 3.) they take the hit and have 1 - (2/3)^5 = ~86.83% chance having one of their RGs transformed into a G0.

   Even when they only have a FVG on the field as target, I'd usually still use the effect to call over the FVG even if the total G0 count doesn't go up. The reason behind that is 1.) you kill their FVG, who is usually important for most decks and 2.) you popped a G0 in the drop zone for your Deirdre and Dana to use. 

   As why certain cards are ran at their amount, here's a break down:
  • 4 Fianna because she's your best first ride, and her 2nd effect is good
  • 4 Rias because she's an awesome finisher or a boss to put your opponent straight to 5 damage, and she's our only other boss
  • 4 Femme because she's the best G2 the deck has, and the more you have the more you can plus off Fianna's 2nd effect
  • 4 Deirdre because she's the 2nd best G2, offering control and soul blast that aids Legion
  • 3 Adora because she's a great G0 generator, but her window of relevance is small (she's irrelevant as soon as your opponent hits 4 damage)
  • 4 Sekuana because she's Fianna's only win condition, and is a pseudo +5k to all columns. She's very important
  • Total of 4 Sentinels because they're mandatory at this era
  • 4 Dana because she's the other best G1, and helps out the deck's gimmick
  • 2 Scathach because this deck runs off stands, and she forms 16k columns with Sekuana. She's also this deck's other best G1
   So overall, the main focus is pretty much to mildly control your opponent and setting up for your win condition (the power reduction) while swapping out priority targets and messing up power columns. There are two approaches to the power reduction. If you have enough resources (since all power drop takes a -1 in cost), you can drop a power-drop earlier and directly put your opponent straight into their late game, forcing them to guard everything that comes afterwards. The other is obvious, where you try to wrap a game up and seal the deal with a power-reduction when they're at high damage.

See something like this? Yeah... no
Kill it before it lays eggs.
   The tricky part is knowing what to target and swap out. Key units with annoying abilities are obvious. The
harder part comes in the rest, and really comes down to the situation. One way is to swap out boosters so your opponent will be less likely to call over them and thus keeping a higher G0 concentration for your Rias play that'd hurt them greatly later. another approach is to swap out an entire column, forcing them to swing for 10k max with that column, or call over it to suffer actual minuses all while putting G0s in the drop zone for you to use Deirdre and Dana. Swapping out the interceptor is another obvious one when you are ready to pop a power drop and push for game, but it's not always the right choice. There will be times where if you swap out their interceptor, your unboosted attacker (often 9 or 10k) will be unable to hit anything other than the G0 you gave them, which is counter-intuitive (and this happens quite often due to the nature of the deck if you are not careful). You will want to avoid creating that scenario yourself at all costs.

   So that concludes the first stable build. Again, don't be afraid to disagree with me and do your own thing and discover your own stuff. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say 'hai' just let me know lol


  1. My final build also looks almost the same as you, only short on Adora right now (only have 2) so i guess Nemain has to sub in for her for a while until i get my 3rd copy of Adora. Though my trigger is still dawdling on 8 crit 4 stand or 6 crit 6 stand, as i'm still testing which one plays best for the WItches.

    Glad you're actually utilizing Sekuana too now, she's been great since my first playtest with her so i always run her at 3-4 to get the most out of her.

    I want to ask, outside the obvious Butler Raizers, what other deck that troubles you the most to the point of no hope? I only tested my decks against some decks like Metalborgs, Brawlers, and Revengers (blame the meta of my area) so i haven't had much experience against variety of decks. I know for sure that Knuckle Buster blast this deck heavily though, it's kinda hard to recover from his big blow that i have to adjust my playstyle.

  2. Honestly, I myself also have only tested it against so many decks. The tricky part with this deck (witches) is that its match up is very different against any deck. Revengers can be a tough one because sometimes they just have no targets open for you to transform, and if you transform their stuff too early, they can just eat it all. Against Bermudas, if they are using Meer, it also gets tricky because you don't want them to instantly get 50k shield.

    I have not yet tried against the new Prominance Core Gold Paladin deck yet, but I imagine it'd be similar to going against Muskeeteers in that he'd just swap your G0 for something else off the top of their deck.

    I'm not sure about the Knuckle buster match up either since I have yet to try that. But witches doesn't have a strong direct advantage system, so I think witches could have a rough time against it. I don't think I can blame the witches on that though, since most, if not all, decks are weak against cheap retires like CB1 -3s. Witches can, however, transform Knuckle Buster's RGs into G0s, which will significantly reduce how deadly Knuckle Buster is (suffering Big Bang Buster's blow and then having to guard Ton-Fa and Slash who are all getting +9k is scary, but witches theoretical will have a chance to counter the RG portion)


Questions? Comments? Feel free to ask or share!