Shadow Paladin Witches

Shadow Paladin Witches

   While I don't know how many people actually give a crap about what I play, well, the next deck I'll be messing around with will probably be the Witches from Shadow Paladin that'd be released in roughly 2 weeks (sorry Genesis witches, but you gals don't really interest me as much as I loved you gals). So far they've been getting pretty unique and interesting effects, and with my very-none-intensive-and-brief proxy testing with an almost-literally-have-no-thought-put-into-it deck recipe (that Grim Reaper trigger should be Maeve, just it's not in their database yet), they've been very fun and actually better than I anticipated. Like, yeah, they almost have like 8 pseudo-Corduroys (Dana & Deirdre) that not only cost SBs (which you get naturally with no effort through Legion) but also discourage the use of triggers as shields (as opposed to Seal Dragon's G2 mechanics), backed with a usable advantage engine (Nemain & Fiana) and bosses that further nerf-bat rear guards as well as vanguards. If the witch stand trigger is proven to be an on-call  soul-charger and unflipper even upon release, well then they will have that too for more skill spamming. And they have amazing art to back it up to make you feel extra good and motivated to build and use the deck.

I mean, who doesn't love witches and their hats?


  1. Kyaa, Froliz is going to uses and reviews Witches too! xD

    I know we shared a same taste Fro! I can't wait for this. :D

    1. I can't wait for the witches' release either lol
      hopefully Rias will have an SP version and I'd want a SP Rias...!


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