Silver Thorn BT15+

Silver Thorn BT15+

Early-Mid Game Focused - Stable 1

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Triggers *16: (10 Crit/2 Draw/4 Heal)

Grade 1 *14:

Grade 2 *11:

Grade 3 *8:

   This is my current build, and is here for my own reference and record keeping. This build is a lot more focused around having a good early and mid game to combat the Legion meta. With Legion punching 25k+ for free every turn, relying on LB4 to win games just isn't nearly as viable anymore because you'd probably have trouble guarding their Legion attacks 2 turns into your LB4 even when Legion decks just play vanilla beat down. So things like Luquier Reverse stalling just isn't viable anymore especially against Legion decks where big punches are practically free without even considering their other effects. Luckily for Silver Thorn, the deck is a lot less reliant on late game plays with BT15 support, as Zelma made Silver Thorn's early and mid game exceptional. So the goal of this build is to adapt to the Legion era and keep the deck viable. This deck actually starts to function earlier than Legion decks. The LB4 is just there to support and continue the early game wrath into late game. If played right, the deck easily makes 3~4 attacker per turn up to 5 attacks per turn (for only CB1), and you can very well put your opponent on 4 or 5 damage or with depleted hand before they're even on their G3 if you're lucky/they're unlucky.

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