Shadow Paladin Witch Triggers

Shadow Paladin Witch Triggers

The hype is unstoppable!

   Latest revealing of the Witches are their rainbow triggers! Usually I don't post stuff like this that's not really useful nor informative, but the Witches gets special treatment because of my hype they have big awesome witch hats!

   Three of them are vanillas, and the stand trigger is now confirmed to be a unflipper and a soul charger to make the Witch starter relevant (meaning on-hit you can essentially +1 and unflip 2 and SC2). Plus, since Rias focuses on lowering the vanguard's power, theoretically stands should work out fairly well.


Witch of Black Cat, Mirukura


Witch of Black Raven, Eine


Witch of Lizard, Aife


Witch of Goat, Maeve

(AUTO): When this unit enters , if you have a "Witch" vanguard, 
and your opponent has 2 or more Grade 0 rear guards, SC1, unflip 1 damage.

   With EB11 & EB12 being released in less than a week, that's it for now. I'm really hoping for a 7+3 generic Witch G1 attacker at this point because I still feel their G1 line up is rather lacking. It might be this card that has yet to have its effects revealed. I mean, she has a super awesome art as well, it better be useful or I'd be sad because I hate to have to leave cards with art I like a lot out of decks.


   Witch of Ruin (center) is confirmed to be the G1 7+3 attacker.

   The card on the left translates to "Witch of God(ly) Speed, Emeru", and her effect is "AUTO[VC/RC]: When this unit attacks, if your opponent has 2 or more G0 units, this unit gets +3000 power during that battle"

This should still be their theme song

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