Zelma Alternative CB1 for 2 Attacks

Zelma Alternative CB1 for 2 Attacks

   Came across this alternative way the other day of making 2 attacks for CB1 with Zelma, and thought might put it out there since I don't think this was made obvious. I've also updated the Ana/Maricica/Zelma section accordingly.

If you happen to have a open spot in front of a booster,
Zelma can swing for 12~14k in those cases.

    On a side note, the situation I came across the other day my Rising Dragon was boosted by an Ana, but 2 swings is still better than 1 as long as both can hit stuff, because you're squeezing out more quantity (requires 2 5k+ shields to guard as opposed 1 10k shield, which is 2 cards instead of 1).

   Have fun with Zelma shenanigans!

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