A Light of Hope for ST?

   Alright guys, after all the dis pear we had with all the mediocre cards we've seen so far, this happened:

Finally a legit good/great card
Silver Thorn Clown, Selune
Finally a legit good/great card for PM

   So before we dive into what she does, please first understand and read her skill. Oh, and please ignore the other COtD. It is a literal in-every-way-worse Silver Thorn Upright Lion, so much that even if it didn't have any GB1 attached to its skill, it's still worse than the original Lion (I mean I guess you don't have to call Silver Thorn cards to pump it up?).

   Anyways, back to the Clown:

   Yes, they're 2 somewhat straightforward skills, and from the surface, her 1st skill looks like some hot garbage, where her 2nd skill is a just-cost-efficient-but-far-from-amazing CB1 for a hard +1.

   Now what makes her actually good (based off the very limited amount of sanity testing I did so far, so PLEASE take this with a grain of salt as I also want more sample size myself) is not what her skill does on face value, but how her skill is implemented (particularly her 2nd skill).

   The way her skill is implemented (when she's in the soul, whenever something is called, she can pay CB1 to call herself) allows her to have some interesting interactions with many cards, particularly due to how most of the skills that swap units (including her own!) will shove things into the soul first before proceeding to call something out. Basically, there are many things that can shove her into the soul while simultaneously trigger her 2nd effect at the same time. Here are a few that I found based off my, again, very limited sanity testing and basic brainstorming:

1.) When she calls something out with her skill 1, she'd be in the soul already to trigger skill 2, so she'd go in and come back out. When she came from Milward, you mitigates one of the -1 from the cost of her 1st skill, making her just cost-efficient to be a even trade (-1 for 1 extra attack)

2.) When you shove her into the soul as a cost for Zelma's skill, she'd be in the soul already when Zelma proceeds to call something out, which would again trigger her skill 2 while she's in the soul

3.) If you called her out with Milward/magia stuff, then use her 1st skill to call Zelma to reset the other thing called by Milward (which you'd lose otherwise from Magia at the end of the turn), you actually end up with a net +2 for a discard (you basically discard 1 card from hand to gain 1 extra attack, and swap 2 "magia'd" units for a permanent Zelma and whatever other thing is that you reset)

4.) I can use her skill to call Zelma, and she'd triggers her own skill 2. Then both Zelma's on-call effect and her self-call will go on the pending state. I can resolve her first (she'd comes out), and then I can use Zelma to shove her in again to pull something out, and this would trigger her 2nd skill again and I can call her out again. Refill the board while giving you free power to Lion. EZPZ.

   And these are just some interactions I found with my very, very limited sanity check and basic brainstorming. I'm sure we'll find more in the future.


I am hype, nice to meet you. Are you hype?


  1. What you found of her power are correct so far. However, they surely limited her potentials as all of the skills require vanguard to be (at least) Grade 3... so no early +++ or pressure, no Silver Thorn Blassie Bunny as that CB prevents some advanced combos @@ Still the best leaked card so far anyway

  2. Can someone please give me a skeleton for the beloved mistress,s return. Been out of the game for a year or so and I'm some what lost. Save me froliz senpai.

    1. This is what I've been testing with:

      3 Mystique
      3 Milward
      4 Lunatec (this enables a 9->16->VG->16->21 attack pattern before triggers)
      2 Wandering Dragon
      1 Furnival
      1 Maja
      1 Agleam
      1 whatever filler

      4 Venus
      4 Luquier (new)

      4 Maricica
      4 Clemens
      3 Lion (I'm considering adding in more tbh, maybe a 12 G2 build)

      4 Lydia
      4 Zelma
      4 Selune (I can't see this going anywhere under 3, and I'm leaning towards 4 due to our reliance on her now)
      2 Masquerade Bunny

      1 Emile

      4 ST Heal
      4 Dixie
      Rest undetermined, deck has some weird synergy and weird hiccups with both stands and crits under certain but different scenarios but are generally OK with both. Draws are also OK due to your front row having on-hits already gives people an incentive to guard your powered-up lanes even without the bonus crit from a crit trigger, as well as the fact that you achieve cross ride with so little effort and most decks in the current meta has lost the consistency to make 18k or 23k lanes.

  3. Can you help me with my G zone? I currently have 4 Mystique, 4 Clifford, 4 Furnival, 1 Lunitec, and 1 Mephisto. I know you gave your G zone in a responce post, but I was wondering: should I try to mimic yours? Or could you recommend other cards for me?

    1. I think the only change I might make is drop Mystique Luquier down to 2.

      things like Clifford also just simply won't be used as there are really no situations you'd want to go into that over other strides.

    2. Getting rid of Clifford sounds like a good idea, but why only 2 Mystique? I can see only 2 lunitec, but not two of her. (Then again, I'm only still learning how to play the deck.)

    3. mainly because ST still lacks finishing power even after the update and that Mystique Luquier still isn't particularly well-adapted at pushing for game, and you actually would run into deck out issues if you try to use Mystique Luquier more than twice (triple drive + SC2 = 5 cards out of the deck on her own, not accounting for any other SC done by things like Emile, Wandering Dragon, etc)

    4. Ok, thanks.

      G zone plan is 2 Mystique, 3 Venus/Milward, 1 Kimberly, 1 Fairfield, 4 lunitec, 2 Furnival, 2 Wandering Dragon, and 1 Coulthard
      *(I know everyone says that venus is garbage, but I'm trying to see if putting rearguards back in the soul could be viable against certain decks; besides, I really don't like the idea of calling over previous rearguards)


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