California Team League 2016 - Seven Seas

California Team League 2016 - Seven Seas

   So I've never updated since forever thanks to work draining all my energy away. Besides, Silver Thorns didn't really get anything interesting, neither did Prisms (I'm SUPER HYPED for CB3 though). Now, having done Team League a week and a half ago... I think I might as well write a new post.

   I've actually been tinkering and messing with Seven Seas all this time (along with Prisms, but not much change happened to Prisms lol), and that was the deck I brought to the team league. This might actually be the first time I brought a "meta deck" to any tournament in my life, but that's because I actually like how Seven Seas plays, so I don't really mind playing it at all. I mean, by now I think it's pretty clear and obvious that I almost play technical clans exclusively lol.

   Overall, during the team league, our team got knocked out at round 6 (there are 8 rounds total), however, my personal score of the day was 5:1, and the only loss was to a Gluttony Dogma that literally drove check into penta-triggers (crit, heal, crit, and then heal, crit) when I was on 2 damage (with no PGs in hand) to his 5 (face down) damage and 0 hand. Thanks to this, I now have PTSD when facing Gluttony Dogma. Adding in all the casual games and local tournaments I played, Seven Seas has performed exceptionally well for me. Actually I think I suffered a total of 1 losses at local tournaments overall over the course of playing and testing this deck (it was to a 6th heal). Obviously local tournaments don't really mean that much because it is a biased sample (my locals typically do 5 pre-rounds and then top 8), but that's not the point. The point is that given how often I play this deck, the win-loss ratio I get is pretty ridiculously skewed, and that says something.

   Anyways, the deck list is as follows:


Triggers *16: (12 Crit/4 Heal)

Grade 1 *13:

Grade 2 *12:

Grade 3 *8:

G-zone *8:

Tournament Report

Our team got eliminated on round 6 - team was SinBuster-Daikaiser, Pure Chaos, and Seven Seas (me).

Game 1 - vs. Blade Wing (Win)
Achievement Unlocked:
"Slash Shade Slayer"

   This game was funny. The guy G-assisted for G2, and never quite got the tempo. Knowing he's DI, I play the resource game and pop his stuff with Cannoneer and burn his resources with Slash Shade. Yes, including popping his FVG before he could use it; I'm very r00d. Being behind and low on resources, he didn't want me to break ride and decided to try to deck me out. Here's the thing though: you really can't expect to deck someone out when you have no advantage engine to tank and stall while the other guy can continue to spawn full fields and throw power-lanes and multi-attacks at you. But he tried anyways, and this game is where the legend of the strongest Slash Shade was born.

   He used his stride VG to attack my... Slash Shade, including a Gilles de Rais attack, three times. Yes, THREE. Never in my life have I seen such a powerful Slash Shade, solo tanking three stride vanguard attacks all by himself. The legendary Slash Shade is then sealed away in a golden frame and displayed in my Halls of Fame. Knowing he's trying to deck me out, I continue to do my thing and stride Obadania because he... has no resources. He dieded the death pretty quickly, and he couldn't even Gilles me on his 3rd stride because he was still 2 souls short. After the game he kept blaming everything on the G-assist, and even said he was trying to deck me out, and seems to be very suprised at seeing how I still strode into my Obadanias and even continued to use Ruin Shade's skill (I was using it to hit 16k).  "Did you know what I was trying to do?" Yes, I do know. And I also know it's ineffective.

Game 2 - vs. Diablo (Win)

   The moment we STANDO UP ZA VANGARDO, my opponent says he's never played against Seven Seas before. I opened the game with 3 G3s, 1 G2, and 1 G0, and had to G-assist for my G1, and it was a PG-G. I did manage to take control of the game and kept control of the game with an iron grip after that, controlling his field, hand, and resources very well. Thanks to Slash Shade, not only was I able to burned his resources and put him high in damage, Slash Shade also gives me permanent units on the field to prevent myself from being dunked by Phantom Blaster Diablo. He was then forecd to go all in with Spectral Blaster Diablo dunk (or be guaranteed to lose next turn), and being the tank that 7Cs is, I soaked it and sit comfortably at 5 damage while sitting on Nightmist (I guarded the 1st attack with like 6 cards and PG'd the 2nd). He dieded the death of Nightmist BR + Nightrose 5-attack dunk the following turn.

Game 3 - vs. SGD Blaster (Win)
You don't wanna mess with this dog.

   This was a very close game; too close actually. SGD Blaster is a pain in the ass to play against (and honestly, I find it to be a much better build and much more difficult to play against than Thing Blaster), and he opened the perfect rush hand, going Blaster Friend Barcgal, Llew on turn 2. I was  rushed to 4 damage before I'm even on G3, and he kept on refilling the field with Benon, and Miron for mad plusses. However, having practiced with a friend of mine for quite a bit, I never gave him more than 1 open damage, and that drastically lowered his effectiveness. I had to keep popping his RGs, gain hand, attack RGs and only keep his damage in check the whole damn game (even going as far as passing
crit to a booster so he doesn't get more than 1 open damage). Eventually he was forced to drop his entire hand to attempt to dunk me, and I had to NG @4. Alas he didn't check any crits (he's not going 12 crit; looks like a 4 Margal build as I did see Margals). He dieded the death of Nightmist BR + Nightrose 5-attack dunk the following turn. He got pretty mad after this game because while his team kept winning up to this match, he lost all of the games before this somehow and when he finally opened a perfect hand, it became his 3rd loss of the day.

Game 4 - vs. G-PM (Win)

G-PM, a tragic story.
   This guy had the perfect soul setup before striding (Darkside Princess, Paratrooper, Crescent Moon Juggler, and Harri crit), double-critted me the turn he rode to G3 (Harri), and I had to G-assist for my G3, missed it, and G-assist again next turn, and then finally got to G3. He was at 5 damage due to my early pushes (he ran Cat in Boots as starter so his early game was dreadfully bad. Kids, this is why you should't run that pos as a FVG). He stride Lunatec first stride, made a 30/32/32 field, and I tanked it; I almost ran out of hand, but the push wasn't enough. Next turn, I re-rode Plegeton to call Negrorook and Hollowed it, Strode into Nightrose, called Ruin Shade and traded in it for a Nightcrow, and dunked his 6-card hand with 5 attacks. I really wish G-PM were better, but when your opponent missing g-assist, you double critting your opponent, and have the perfect 4~5 card setup really quickly, your opponent didn't sack triggers, and it still isn't enough to win you the game, you know the deck is dreadfully bad.

Game 5 - vs. Ancient Dragons (Loss)

I now sleep in fear of this thing
coming out from under my bed.

   This was my only loss of the day. I had him in control, popped his RGs, burn his resources, and put him to 5 damage all face down when I'm comfortably sitting on 2. He tried to Pearly Titan me and I guarded that too. I was pretty far ahead, and he was forced to attempt to Gluttony Dogma dunk me 2 because otherwise he's guaranteed to lose next turn, and that turned into a turn that is so overwhelming that it is PTSD inducing. I happen to not have another PG, and he went RG (Hypnohang) -> RG (Iguanogorg. I guarded both RG attacks) -> Dogma -> checks crit, heal, crit, all to his revived Iguanogorg *2 lane-> Dogma -> checks crit heal with a 47k Iguano lane on the side. I dieded the death. Penta-triggers OP, plx nerf. We also lost this round because one of my teammates died to triple crit breaking his 3-to-pass pretty early.

Game 6 - vs. G-Novas (Win)

I remember this guy did absolutely nothing.

   This one was pretty easy. Bully & retire RGs (Cannoneer + Slash Shade combo OP) and he lost all steam and was dead meat on the platter. He then dieded the death of Nightmist BR + Nightrose dunk.
However, we lost this round because both my teammates died to triple triggers, again, and that concluded our team league for the day.

   Overall, I felt pretty good about our team because all the losses today were due to triple/penta crit/triggers (all the games lost by my teammates were broken 3-to-passes), meaning really, just bad luck. I mean, there really isn't much to complain when the only losses are 3-to-pass being broken, and your teammates even won against their direct counters (eg. the pure Chaos player killed a Messiahs deck). Overall, things obviously could have gone better, but it wasn't bad at all.


  1. Excellent games and results there. And please frame that Slash Shade lol, it's not like another copy would be expensive.

    One question, though, what purpose does Dancing Cutlass serve that makes him chosen over Sea Strolling Banshee? And your Stride count is off; only seven G-Units are listed despite the count stating eight.

    1. That Slash Shade is currently working as an instructor to teach other Slash Shades how to be as OP as he is ~:^)

      As for Dancing Cutlass, the main purpose is similar to Ruin Shade and how unlike Sea Strolling Banshee, is an independent card that works on its own instead of relying on other cards to make it work.

      Basically, whatever you ride (except Ruin Shade) will be valuable in the drop zone, and Cutlass sets your drop zone up to give you a higher consistency of not needing to stride into Obadania. Cutlass along with Ruin Shade is excellent at setting up the drop zone quickly, and the only reason I didn't run 4 Cutlass is because seeing it too often actually hurts me.

      Sea Strolling Banshee, on the other hand, is a dead card until she sits in the drop zone and until you start reviving her. She also forces you to select her as one of the revive targets, when in general you need to select Cannoneer, Negrorook, or Granache as your revive target to have an impact against your opponent's hand and board for field and resource control. This makes her further less desirable. Lastly, the 6k boosting power doesn't make a difference than the 5k; it's not enough to push 9k units over the 16k lane, and it's not hitting any new numbers with your masses of 11k beaters.

      In general, Seven Seas will want to avoid striding into Obadania to setup the drop zone because it reduces their momentum, but when you have to, you have to.

      and thanks for pointing out the stride count; fixed it. The number for Nightmist stride was off; it's 4 not 3.

  2. I see. So with Cutlass you would want to ride your drop zone revive targets? And with the 16 G-Zone lineup, how would the G-Zone look like? Personally the only thing I can see benefiting the deck more is another pair of Nightrose, therefore leaving 6 spaces for more G guardian variations.

    Final question: Why the hell did the opponent attack Slash Shade in the Blade Wings game?

    1. Depends on what you have, but in general, yes when you have a Cutlass ready. And if you have to ride into Plegeton, sometimes you want to guard with Cutlass just to bring it back, which is a neat thing to do.

      Regarding 16 G-zone, the biggest benefit is the 2 extra Nightroses, yes. The rest are just g-guards, Seebreeze, and fillers

      Still tinkering at the moment, but I'm currently running:

      4 Nightmist
      4 Nightrose
      2 Obadania
      1 Seebreeze
      1 Blizza
      1 Screw
      3 Corpse Dragon

      and based off testing this weekend at locals (yay 7Cs won me more free packs, and I pulled GR Ahsha again), I can already tell you that 3 Corpse Dragon is way too much lol

      I'm considering replacing 1 with Dizmel for niche situations or another Screw, but honestly as of now that 1 G-guardian spot sucks and is a filler regardless of what G-guard I run. If Agleam is out, I'd probably be running that. But Agleam isn't coming for quite a while, and if GBT07 is any indicator, it's pretty clear that any FC2016 G-guards will basically be instantly replaced with booster pack G-guards

      As for why the guy attacked my Slash Shade? He was behind, he didn't have enough souls, he was in fear of my break riding (I was at 3), and he probably also wants to choke on my CBs. But yeah honestly, he should have just went for the VG because I risk being double-critted if I NG at 3 damage.

    2. thoughts on running columbard and headstart zombie?

    3. Columbard is sometimes used in place of Ruin Shade, however Ruin Shade's role is vital to the deck with her pre-GBreak milling, setting up a drop zone you otherwise wouldn't have.

      Headstart Zombie cannot be fit into the deck at all since all of the Grade 1s in the deck help make the deck work (Cutlass sets up the drop, Nightcrow converts temporary plusses into permanent ones, Tommy is a stride fodder and a Ghostie you can call should you stride into Obadiah, Waterspout is a PG-G). Teching it at 1 and repeatedly hollowing it provides diminishing returns, and once you have your drop targets they possess a much higher revive priority, leaving Headstart unused.

  3. Oh froliz, have you tried teching in two Gast Dragons in the deck? I personally found them quite useful, reaching 26k with a 7k booster with the potential of 31k with a trigger, which is key because not all clans have access to 25k G-guards.

    1. yes, but the loss in consistency wasn't worth the minor gain imo.

      It's too much effort for what the net gain was, and honestly, reriding Plegton can do some pretty keky things

  4. Hey i wanted to know how you deal with the gear chronicle matchup it seems to be in their favor and my win ratio is not the best against it.

    1. not necessarily; Seven Seas have the tools to stabilize, control, and counter attack even when they have virtually nothing (superior break ride OP), as well as the engine to tank

      First of all, if I see it's GC, I either don't use Forerunner for Granache and then Cutlass it out if I have Cutlass, or I instant Hallow it so it doesn't take a Kalibum in the face.

      Then, due to how GC doesn't gain cards until they start doing their Melem combos (or Gigi, but that's only 1, or a very slow 2), you want to pop their cards and stabilize ASAP (eg. Swing at RG, VG to RG and skill to call Slash Shade out and either go for the VG from there or aggro on their RG more, or do your Cannoneer combos).

      And as usual when playing against Time Leap decks, you want to keep your damage as low as possible early on so you can potentially save tons of shield with a damage trigger against their pokes (such as guarding for no-pass if you go 2nd and they ride to G3 first, which btw is usually a very good value play against almost any match up as any deck)

      Now a few tricky things against GC is you can't abuse your Slash Shade as much, so you have to play smart with your Slash Shades as exposing them usually mean your Slash Shade will take a Chronojet in the face. However, Cannoneer is very abusable in this match up, as well as Negrorook, and you can chain either of those with your Slash Shade when you feel the time is right

  5. Appreciate the response, ive got a couple more questions, how has your build changed since the 16 gzone and how bad is link joker as a matchup? in my build i teched in a pokkur but im not sure if its worth keeping in or not.

    1. played around for a bit but the main deck remained completely the same (and it still works wonders).

      G-zone is now:
      4 Nightrose
      4 Nightmist
      2 Obadania
      1 Sebreeze
      1 Scryew
      1 Dizmel
      3 Corrode Dragon (I'd change 1 to Agleam if I had one)

      Wend to the Pasadena side event today and still a all-win day for me. Games were so one sided actually...

      1st game agianst AF: game ended with me at 2 damage, 12? cards in hand to his death, empty field, 1 card in hand; basically all I did was Cannoneer Grenache spam and swing at rears 3 turns back to back (so I get free +2 per turn while he suffers -3 per turn and still has to deal with VG attack)

      2nd game against ogrelord: game ended with me with 4 damage (because I intentionally let him hit) and 16 hand, full field to his death with 1 field 1 hand

      game 3 against blaster: game ended with my on 2 damage to his death, 3 card field and 1 card hand (guy dropped Blaster Friend Barkgal to attack me because he went 2nd, and got punished for that)

    2. Thanks again for the help. The ogrelord matchup is free for me most of the time i love going against them lol. I feel granblue tend to be underrated this format will def try out your list it looks pretty solid and well thought out.


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