What I've been Up to Recently

What I'm Up to Revently

This image kinda sums up what
I have been cooking recently.

   So uh, been pretty damn busy recently due to work as usual (although more so these past few weeks; actually just had a 14 hour day @work as I'm posting this).

   Anyways, been playing and testing and building and tweaking Bermuda Triangles mostly ever since the Clan booster was revealed. I realized I do not like the play style of the new Duos at all, but also found out PRISM's play style is spot on; deck has an legit good early game, deck is very offensive and at the same time making defensive maneuvers and being massively fluid in answering most situations. Deck also has access to insane ability to go ham and smack people like a truck or a crazy gorilla most, if not every turn (and this is known as the Gorilla Deck in my circle). I mean, their initial Stride is like a smaller Conquest Dragon, and Olivia is like a smaller Saint Blow Dragon that enables additional attack and enables a whole chain of combos. Every turn that you stride essentially has the capability to either kill someone on the spot, or put them in that area.

  Deck is also highly combo-based with all kinds of open ended effects all while all cards are able to function incredibly well independently (which is important for consistency, because no one likes dead draws), resulting in the deck to have a very high skill cap.

   I'm still cooking up the deck profile, but due to the hyper intensive nature in terms of how the combos are done, I feel it's impossible to explain the combos clearly and make them easy to read all while being easy to absorb.

  To give you guys an idea what the deck is capable of and what the nature of their combo is like, a typical Olivia-Spica combo turn looks something like this (notice the only combo piece needed is Spica; the other cards can be any attacker/booster really):

Yes, I know this GIF is hard to watch and very fast.
I will work out a better way to show combo sequences.

    The GIF is my attempt to make it easier to absorb, kinda like the Silver Thorn ones... but obviously with a attack combo sequence this long, that GIF is way too fast and very hard to watch with no ability to pause to look at a specific segment.

So to break down what is going on in the image:

1.) Solo with your whatever beater (9~12k, usually at interceptor). Princess Celtic in this case.

2.) Attack with Spica, and use her ability to 'restand' Princess Celtic into a 12k beater

3.) Solo attack with a 12k Princess Celtic; keep her booster standing (very important)

4.) Attack with Olivia boosted by a trigger
     a.) bounce Princess Celtic, Spica, and Spica's booster (can be any booster)
     b.) because 3 cards are bounced, Olivia gains +1 crit and can call 2 units
     c.) call Spica and her booster back
     d.) do your drive checks

5.) because Princess Leyte was bounced, unflip 1 and power boost the other booster

6.) Attack with Spica, bounce the trigger and call Princess Celtic back @12

7.) Attack with a 12k Princess Celtic boosted by a 7+4k booster

6 attacks in the following sequence, assuming 0 triggers were checked:

9 > 16 > 12 > 31(V) > 16 > 23

Well worth her price tag.
/all WORTH

   What is scary with this combo is that while it looks like a long 5 card combo, it's really a 1 card combo from Spica, because Olivia is always available in the G-zone, and you don't really care what the other cards are as long as they can form a column of some sort and you end up with a total of 2 other cards with different names other than Spica. 

   But anyways, a more in-depth article on this deck is work in progress and will be posted... some time in the near future... hopefully.


  1. because Princess Leyte was bounced, unflip 1 and power boost the other booster.
    That can't be done. Because Princess Leyte's effect says
    "[AUTO]:When this unit is returned to your hand from (RC), if you have a vanguard with "PR♥ISM" in its name, Counter Charge (1)/Soul Charge (1), choose one of your other units, it gets [Power]+4000 until end of turn"

    1. oh sorry, i'm new on vanguard, i didn't see that when you stride both names (grade 3 and grade 4) are combined.


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