Ancient Dragons Prototype 3

Ancient Dragons Prototype 3

Test Build 3

Similar to Jibril, Ancient Dragons have been around for a long time,
and are like embodiment of violence. 

For all decks labeled as:
stable - working as intended.
test - still under tuning and some things may or may not work as intended.

*Note: Working as intended != finished build, it just means deck functions as planned and is overall consistent

Ancient Dragon, Babysaurus *1

 Trigger: (8 crit/4 draw/4 heal)
Ancient Dragon, Ornithhealer (Heal) *4
Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo (Draw) *4
Ancient Dragon, Dinodile (Critical) *4
Ancient Dragon Fire Priestess (Critical) *4

 Grade 1: (*14)
Ancient Dragon, Paraswall *2
Ancient Dragon, Rock Mine *2
Ancient Dragon, Iguanogorg *4
Ancient Dragon, Gattlingaro *4
Ancient Dragon, Gioconda *2

 Grade 2: (*12)
Ancient Dragon, Dinocrowd *4
Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite *4
Ancient Dragon, Beamankylo *2
Ancient Dragon, Night Armor *2

 Grade 3: (*7)
Ancient Dragon, Volcatops *3
Ancient Dragon, Tyrannoquake *4

At least he's kinda cute.
   So in the end I ended up using Babysaurus again. Why? The problem is, Babysaurus only have 2 other Babyrex. The issue with Babyrex is common with Baby Ptrro and Babysaurus, which are you won't really feel the need to use their abilities in most your games.
competitors, with one being Babyrex which requires you to play Tyrannolegend, and the other being the G3 searcher. Tyrannolegend is lackluster most of the time, but that's not the main issue with using

  Then why Babysaurus over other starters? The reason is that Babysaurus serves as a safety net in fetching a Tyrannobite if you can't get one. As powerful as Tyrannoquake is, he's really reliant on his gool 'ol pal Tyrannobite. Without Trannobite, Tyrannoquake becomes an inferior Cormac that can't even just eat anything to gain the crit and loses out on 5k power. Once Tyrannoquake gets Tyrannobite to aid him though, he instantly becomes one of the scariest and most pressuring bosses an opponent can face.

What a waste of good art :(
   Magma Armor is dropped because of how situational he is. His winning image is you push your opponent Tyrannoquake first, I found that I don't really ever reach the point where I need to use Magma Armor to secure the kill because Tyrannoquake being 36k with 2 crit is alreay so hard to handle that you usually kill your opponent on the spot from 3 or 4 damage, and cases where they're at 5 are rare enough that it warrants the dismiss of Magma Armor. Volcatops is also a better backup vanguard than Magma Armor due to it not only having Tyrannoquake's 2nd ability, but also that his 1st effect can also wreck some havoc if you are forced to sit on Volcatops (eg. +5000 to your boosters, then swing Tyrannobite @ interceptor unboosted, swing with Volcatpos and eat Tyrannobite, you are essentially swinging for 9>21>21>21 even without a 2nd eater.)
to 5 damage, and the use his ability to make 1 extra attack for each CB and soul you have. Problem is, he's the worst first ride you can have, and is completely useless until you reach the point that your opponent is at 5. And if you successfully ride

Hurry! Kill the Lao-Shan Lung!
   I also cut back on Night Armor because the guy's too slow and now that I only have 4 copies of Legion boss left in the deck. Requiring a VG in Legion really hurts him way too much in effectiveness, and even when you are in Legion his use is still somewhat limited and acts just like another Dinocrowd most of the time.

   Lastly, I popped in another Lao-Shan Lung QW to make it a 2/2 PG/QW split even though it has the risk all QWs have in
decks that eats a lot of CBs. There are 2 reasons for this: 1.) It significantly helps out performing Legion because AD often have trouble accumulating enough drop zone in an affordable manner to legion ASAP due to having absolutely no way to make up on the loss of cards, and 2.) Ancient Dragons really lacks an advantage engine, and being to guard large attacks with 1 card helps out the deck a lot.

   I still don't consider the deck completely in stable mode due to the extremely heavy reliance on Tyrannobite as a win condition throughout the entire game span, from early to late. Seeing no Tyrannobite is so devastating to the deck that it's pretty much a death sentence.


  1. I'm curious, why Gattlingaro over Triplasma? Unlike Spikes with their Reckless Express, you can't really combo it into other cards.

    1. He does combo with other cards. He literally doubles the amount of eating cards you have early and mid game (the other being Dinocrowd), which is crucial for AD to do well when combo'd with Iguanocorg and Tyrannobite during early and mid game, effectively giving the deck a early game close to the level of Silver Thorns.

      Gattlingart is essentially the Ana of this deck (or you could say G1 Maricica)


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