Zelma Video Example

Zelma Video Example

   I had a game with a really good Zelma usage recently on CFA, and I thought this would be a good example of how devastating the Ana/Maricica/Zelma combo is if your opponent is to ever let it hit, especially with a booster exposed. Unfortunately I did not cross ride using Ana/Zelma combo in this video, but if I was sitting on Venus or Reverse, and one of the RG was a Luquier, I would have cross ridden as a bonus to the combo.

   If you're in a hurry, you can skip to 1:14 and 2:53 watch Zelma being MVP.
   If the video to too fast/slow for you, feel free to pause or click the 'cogwheel' and adjust the playing speed.

   Also, if you see any misplays, or have any suggestions or things you're unclear about with the video, please leave a comment either here on this blog or on the YouTube so I can improve on quality in the future. This is also my first YouTube video ever lol.

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